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Although we have written about rFactor 2 several times, we had never commented on the fact that the multiplayer was undergoing a much-needed renovation. In reality, it was non-existent, except for LowFuelMotorsport, who, just like with Assetto Corsa Competizione, decided to organize daily races with level-based matchmaking and licenses.

rFactor 2 and Studio 397, seeing how well this system worked, decided to get to work to integrate it as a native system in their own simulator, and... after a long summer, it has been fulfilled, and we have the open beta of this multiplayer system powered by Race Control, with pilot licenses and daily events.

Multiplayer Beta

Para participar, simplemente haz clic derecho en rFactor 2 en tu lista de biblioteca en Steam, luego haz clic en “Propiedades” > “Betas” y selecciona “Release Candidate” de la lista y la nueva versión se descargará automáticamente.

Key Features

Rating System

Safety Rating (SR): Represents your on-track behavior. It starts at bronze and rises to platinum by demonstrating responsible racing behavior.

Driver Rating (DR): Based on your driving skill. Starting at bronze, compete and outperform others to reach the platinum tier. Your Driver Rating determines which group you will be in if there are more registered drivers than can be accommodated in a race.

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Note: your DR cannot surpass your SR, so make sure to drive safely!

Note: for a race to count towards your ranking, at least 5 drivers must be registered for that session.

Daily races

These races will be updated weekly with a variety of content for you to enjoy to the fullest. Within the daily races, there are different categories that you can unlock based on your Safety Rating.

The Daily Races are designed to be fun, easy to get into, and relatively short. They also have a minimal impact on your Driver Rating, so you can compete without fear of losing too much DR, but make sure to drive safely!

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To assist you, multiplayer practice sessions are also organized for the upcoming race. You can see other drivers here, learn from each other, and improve without worrying about losing your SR and DR.

There are three categories for the Daily Races:

Beginner – Open to everyone and currently running every hour – always using free content.

Intermediate – Open to those with a Silver Safety Rating and currently held every 2 hours.

Advanced – Open to those with a Gold Safety Rating and currently held every 3 hours.

This new version includes many other things that you can read about in the official Studio 397 blog and stay updated with all the news.

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