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fin de año 2023

As you can see from the author of this text, it is written from the perspective of all the people who have been part of this website.

Outlaws, Outlaws Racing, Outlaw Racing, Outlaws Racing Team, OTWs, or any other name under which this "brand" has passed, was born in 2016 with people with whom we've had such chemistry that projects have always emerged. In 2021, the aforementioned names arose, and finally, in 2023, this little site was born where we can write and comment on our thoughts about the topic we all share. We have some humble words dedicated to all those who have ever entered this website and paid a little attention to it.

It has been a very eventful year. Since January, tests began to carry out the website, and in May, we made the leap. Officially, was functional.

The website itself hasn't changed much; we've continued to write in the same way, and the interface has remained the same. But in a matter of months, around October, it started gaining momentum. As we've always said, this is nothing professional, just a few people who share a passion and would like those thoughts and texts we write in our own words to reach more people who also share that passion. We even wish to introduce this hobby to those who have no idea what it's about so they can get hooked.

Virtual competition remains a niche, but it's our favorite niche.

In November, Outlaws Racing reached 2,000 monthly visitors for the first time, breaking any previous records. But this closing month has surpassed all our expectations, with over 5,000 visits. And we just have to say: thank you very much for reading us.

Whether you found the website on social media, someone shared it, or you arrived here in some remote way, we are grateful.

It's true that when we opened the website, we had to make a small investment to host it, buy the domain, and some other things for its operation. Initially, our intention was to place some ads that would allow us to keep it online with a minimal investment from our pocket, but since we placed our affiliate links, none of that is necessary. We don't want intrusive ads, we don't want to saturate our website with content that doesn't represent us or even come close to virtual competition. If you see any ads on the website, they won't be intrusive and will be directly related to SimRacing. That's what we want.

Our roadmap for 2024 isn't very complex; our intended goals are to improve performance, our writing, and to analyze many products so that each of you knows what you're buying or planning to acquire.

Finally, we know that numbers go up and down, there will be better and worse times, but even with 2 daily visitors, we enjoy every article, every piece of news, and every piece of writing that appears on our homepage. So, if one person reads us, we'll be happy.

Once again, thank you very much for being part of this. We wish you happy holidays and an incredible entry into the year 2024!

The Outlaws Racing team.

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