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Mods mejor valorados assetto corsa

Assetto Corsa continues to be one of the most beloved simulators in our SimRacing world, but as we've discussed here, much of it is thanks to the modders who make the experience more immersive and enjoyable in this title that will soon reach a decade.

Remember, you have several of our articles about mods in Assetto Corsa:

In this article, we'll provide a list of the highest-rated mods on RaceDepartment, sorted by categories. We recommend visiting the RaceDepartment website if you want to download more mods for Assetto Corsa.

You can also purchase Assetto Corsa at a greatly reduced price from the following link: Assetto Corsa – Instant Gaming.


For humans, the majority of information we retain comes through our vision, so firstly, we'll address the visual aspect and discuss modifications that can enhance this simulator, which currently looks rather outdated.

LUMEN PPfilter

We'll pause on this point to link you to a PPfilter developed by our colleague and writer Ismael. On his YouTube channel, you can see some images showcasing this filter for Assetto Corsa.

With a photorealistic yet cinematic appearance, LUMEN stands as the best PPfilter to transform your Assetto Corsa into a next-generation game. You can read the installation guide here.

Link ⇾ PPfilter LUMEN


The SKY PPfilters are designed to maximize AC's graphic fidelity, offering realistic and experimental visuals with an added touch of the sky illuminating the environment, hence their name, S K Y. The goal is to evoke the sensation that the surroundings are lit by a real sky.


To achieve this, light bounces, VAO-patches, realistic materials—any high-quality mod that pushes the game to its limits will work wonders with the PPfilters.

Link -> SKY (PURE & SOL)


One of the "buts" we've always had with Assetto Corsa is the basic and unattractive menus it has. The modders have also thought about that, so we have graphical interfaces that will enhance the visual aspect of the information displayed on the screen, while also adding new information.


"After spending a lot of time developing RaceEssentials, I wanted to try a different approach to see how well it works. This time, I present to you Sidekick, a discreet yet powerful application. I've learned a lot about developing CA applications in recent months and wanted to see how far I could take it. The goal was to create an app with essential data that doesn't clutter but remains very useful, powerful, and adaptable."

This small HUD enhances Assetto Corsa's "essentials" application, making it more immersive and discreet. You can customize it to your liking with the information you want displayed on the screen.

Link -> Sidekick


Just a small radar from an aerial perspective so you can see what's happening around your car.

Helicorsa recreates the radar that already exists in Assetto Corsa Competizione, making it functional in AC to keep you informed about distances to other vehicles nearby, helping avoid collisions due to blind spots. This mod can be very useful if you're into competitive racing.

Link -> Helicorsa V3

Comfy Map

Comfy Map simply adds a minimalist minimap without altering the aesthetic of the simulator itself. One of its standout features is the ability to teleport to any location on the map, perfect for open-world maps.


Main features:

  • Clickable server teleports
  • Player Names
  • Highlighted friends list in the content manager
  • Second window with a minimap

Link -> Comfy Map


Now that Assetto Corsa has integration with LFM, it's possible that to compete on the platform, we may need to install certain circuits. Here are some circuits and additional open-world maps not mentioned previously.

Watkins Glen International

The Watkins Glen International, located in New York, is an iconic racing circuit in the United States. Known for its winding and challenging layout, spanning 5.4 kilometers, it has hosted Formula 1 events in the past. Its rapid turns and elevation changes make it a favorite among drivers and motorsport enthusiasts both nationally and internationally.


Track features:

  • Compatibility with custom shading patches with personalized lights
  • 4 additional "endurance" tracks including temporary track lighting for night races
  • 43 boxes
  • Dynamic racing groove
  • Dynamic rubbering of lines and curbs
  • Circuit map
  • Functional AI
  • TV cameras
  • Time Attack support

Link -> Watkins Glen International 1.1

Union Island

Union Island is one of the 32 islands in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Located in the Caribbean Sea, it has a population of around 3,000 inhabitants. The summit reaches 304 meters (999 feet). It's a windsurfing paradise. Driving? Not so much... Luckily, my roads aren't accurate and are made of asphalt, instead of real concrete ones!

I took a lot of liberties redoing the island. I made it to scale, but in real life, the roads are limited and all made of concrete. In the west, for example, there's only a forest trail, whereas I created roads perfectly suited for racing everywhere.

Link -> Union Island 0.9

Le Mans 24h Circuit

One of the iconic circuits in endurance racing. Although it's not a track native to Assetto Corsa, modders have recreated this French track perfectly.


  • Added day and night versions
  • New defined AI track limits (AI racing and passing on straights - see below)
  • No penalties for overtaking on straights (to encourage racing)
  • Added 56 boxes
  • Added transitions on track edges
  • New textures (curbs, road, grass, etc.)
  • Modified shaders (for day and night versions)

Link -> Le Mans 24h Circuit


The key to driving simulators, the machines we'll handle and ride on. Here are some of the highly-rated cars on RaceDepartment.

AC Fórmula Alpha 2023

Of course, this vehicle had to be at the top even though it's not exactly on RaceDepartment. This Formula car from 2023 is the most advanced mod for Assetto Corsa, complete with a manual for proper use.

Continuing the tradition of VRC, similar to the FA22 project, once again, we aim to push and surpass the game's capabilities, aided by CSP. This car features a 1,000 HP engine, with 160 HP coming from an electric motor, weighing 722 kg and boasting substantial aerodynamic downforce. It includes an enhanced ERS management system, a more realistic engine/differential simulation, and other features.

AC | Formula Alpha 2023

Link -> VRC Formula Alpha 2023

Mazda 787b

The Mazda 787B is a legendary racing car that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1991, being the only Japanese car with a rotary engine to achieve this feat. Powered by a 4-rotor rotary engine, its distinctive sound and aerodynamic design made it iconic. This victory marked a milestone in automotive history, highlighting Mazda's technological innovation and exceptional performance in competition.

mazda 787b

This vehicle could make the perfect companion to the previously mentioned Le Mans circuit.

Link -> Mazda 787b

Skip Barber

The Skip Barber vehicles are single-seater formula cars primarily used in the Skip Barber Racing School, renowned for teaching high-performance driving skills. These cars provide an ideal platform for learning advanced driving techniques due to their lightweight, agile handling, and moderate power. They're popular in the world of entry-level formula car racing and are considered ideal for honing precise and technical driving skills.

Vehicles highly utilized in iRacing, for instance, for conducting racing series. Now, we have them in Assetto Corsa thanks to this modder.

Link -> Skip Barber

Coméntanos por Twitter / X qué te han parecido estos mods para Assetto Corsa: @outlaws_racing

Enjoy the races!

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