The Odyssey between RENNSPORT and rFactor 2

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RENNSPORT was first mentioned here on the website not too long ago, and… Could it be said that we jinxed the situation?

For anyone who hasn't heard about what happened, some snippets of code and technology from rFactor 2 have been found in the RENNSPORT engine, which boasted being exclusive and built entirely from scratch using a new technology never explored before. Adding to the intrigue, in the information dropdown on RENNSPORT's website, we find the following written: 'Starting from scratch, technological advancement and modern software architecture enables us to take the next step in virtual racing experiences. This creates stunning behind-the-wheel graphics and a wide range of options for user-generated content as an interactive community.'

This was discovered on the official Studio-397 forum (developers of rFactor 2) by the user haunetal1990, who compares certain physics parameters of the simulator RENNSPORT alongside rFactor 2. It's worth noting that RENNSPORT is based on the Unreal Engine 5, but certain parameters are directly copied, or rather, stolen from rFactor 2.

You can read the thread in the Studio-397 forum below:

Pero aquí no acaba la cosa porque, rFactor 2 se ha pronunciado al respecto con un comunicado en sus redes sociales:

The complete transcript would be:

Motorsport Games has not granted a license for rFactor 2 technology to any game developer at this time, nor are we aware of licenses granted by Studio-397, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Motorsport Games, prior to our acquisition of the game, development team, and associated technology. Studio-397 is, according to previous agreements, the sole owner of the various relevant technologies for entertainment purposes. We are aware that prior to our acquisition of Studio 397, the original creator of the underlying software used in rFactor 1 had licensed that foundational technology to various developers. No element of rFactor 2, whether it be code or assets, may be used without the express written permission of Studio 397.

For a while now, in the early reviews of RENNSPORT as the first closed betas were being deployed, there were mentions of a certain resemblance in some of the simulator's physics compared to rFactor 2. We don't know to what extent these physics are borrowed from the Motorsport Games title.

Additionally, some people view this matter as the hurried creation of an online simulator in order to capitalize on multiplayer competition and eSports. As we mentioned earlier, even though RENNSPORT is not yet a fully complete simulator at 100%, it already has its official eSports competition (ESL R1).

However, in a recent development, RENNSPORT has issued their statements regarding these accusations of content theft by the simulator.

Morris Hebecker, CEO of the simulator, has commented the following:

I want to address some of the rumours and accusations that have been circulating in our community recently. We are proud to say that all content and libraries used for the production of RENNSPORT are created by us, commissioned, or licensed appropriately.

RENNSPORT as an ecosystem is designed to be modular, where best-in-class solutions are available we would be remiss to avoid them.

This is why we use Unreal Engine and some of our in-game content is licensed on commission, such as laser scans for our tracks and several other parts of our ecosystem. It is our desire to work with external partners for the lifetime of the project, so this has always been a core value for us.

You can read the full statement at the following link:

We will stay informed about new events and news regarding this matter.

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