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The best HUD to keep you informed during the race

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In the field of SimRacing and virtual races, there are different camps. Some drivers prefer to be completely informed about everything happening on the track, while others seek total immersion, relying solely on their spotter and their own vision guided by their hands and feet.

For the first group, I bring good news as I'm here to talk about the best application for overlays in the most commonly used simulators, which most of you probably already know.

Racelab is a program that, besides focusing on off-track information, keeps us informed at all times from the moment we see the green flag until we cross the finish line, with its modern and minimalist overlays. Here's a brief summary of everything Racelab can do and where to get it.

Racelab Apps

The first step to get Racelab is to access its official website by clicking here. Initially, there are two versions available: a free version and, to support the Racelab team, a subscription of €3.90 per month.

If you're a competitive driver and spend many hours in your virtual cockpit, we recommend the full version as it grants access to more interesting overlays that can assist you during the race.

Once downloaded and logged in, you'll notice that Racelab primarily focuses on four simulators: iRacing, Assetto Corsa Competizione, F1, and rFactor 2.

For simulators like rFactor 2 and ACC, the Standings and Relative overlays integrate with LFM (LowFuelMotorsport), the competition platform measured in ranks and licenses for these simulators. In iRacing, you can track the latest races, Safety Rating changes, iRating, and other relevant information.

Racelab in iRacing

The Racelab application was primarily developed around iRacing; therefore, it is more comprehensive within this simulator. You can see information about recent races, average position, number of wins, podiums, favorite car and track...

But not only that, the integration with iRacing includes the ability to sign up for upcoming series directly from Racelab and upload your configurations for the vehicles you're going to use.

series iracing racelab

You also have the option to see where you stand in terms of pace by your average lap times, maximum and minimum Strength of Field (SoF) for each circuit on the schedule of each series. This gives you an idea of where you might be positioned in each race.

Racelab app series preview


Once we move past the dashboard, we arrive at the overlays. The two most important ones I consider for races are the relative panel and the standings. With these two, we'll have information at all times about the exact distance in seconds to the cars ahead and behind us, and with the standings, the race positions.

Of course, you can place the overlays in the area of your screen you prefer, and also adjust the scale and background opacity so that it doesn't bother you while you race.

overlays racelab

Por supuesto, puedes colocar los overlays en la zona de tu pantalla que prefieras, además de asignarle la escala y la opacidad de fondo para que no te moleste mientras corres.

In the list of overlays, the diamond symbol to the right of the name indicates that they are premium, so you'll need to have an active subscription to use them.

Once we have the overlays open and set up as needed, we can create a pack in the "layouts" section to save the corresponding positions according to our screen.

We leave you the following video below by Racelab on YouTube in case you need help with these features.

Streaming with Racelab

For those who want to use it for their live streams during races, there are some overlays available to assist us in live broadcasts.

We can add a chat, an image to cover the iRacing setups to avoid leaks, and others. Of course, we have the option to use any Racelab overlay as a browser source to include it in programs like OBS.

streaming racelab copia

Where to download?

You can acquire Racelab on the official page, having the software available for free for everyone and with the possibility to extend the paid license for 3.90€ per month. We leave you the link below.

*The links contain affiliate links, for which we receive a small commission for sales. The price for you will be the same.


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