Automobilista 2 is updated to v1.4.8.0

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automobilista 2 v1.4.8.0

Recientemente, recibimos una actualización en [af_link id=»154″]Automobilista 2[/af_link] la cual añadía el circuito de Nordschleife histórico, junto a su variante Sudschleife. Algo muy aclamado por los fanáticos de los circuitos clásicos y un contenido que conllevaba mucho trabajo por parte de los desarrolladores.

Today we have received a new update, which in addition to physics review, bug fixes and some additions, have included new content for free.

The most important feature of this new update is the addition of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, where the 2023 Formula 1 championship will be held this weekend, which will be free for all players of the simulator. In addition, Formula USA 2023 has been added, which refers to IndyCar vehicles, with their different variants (road, oval and speedway variants).

Patch notes v1.4.8.0


  • Added the Race Weekend option to set the pre-race sessions as private sessions (with this option enabled, participants race on an empty track without interaction from other vehicles).
  • Added option to set the minimum number of changed tires required for a mandatory stop to count as valid in SP/MP/Champ. Not all stops require the changes, but at least one stop in the window must meet the requirements to avoid disqualification; the AI will now take advantage of changing fewer tires on mandatory stops if other factors do not force them to change more.
  • Pit strategy: Removed the "Recommended" tire change strategy. (When saving a strategy, if the front-only or rear-only option is valid for the selected compounds, it is automatically applied for the user. The time estimate for changes will now reflect the actual compounds selected, regardless of the front/rear/all setting.
  • Upgraded Trueforce support, increased rate, cleaner TF audio effects. Uses native TF lockstop
  • The initial fuel levels in the Multiplayer leaderboard will now be the same as the player had set in the previous session, instead of forcing an automatic fuel level.


  • Completely revised physics for F-Retros (all generations), F-Classics (all generations), F-Ultimate Gen2, P1 classes
  • Updated tread for F-Inter

If you wish to read the full patch notes, you can click on the following link: Automobilista 2 v1.4.8.0

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