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MOZA R5 Bundle

We continue with Gudsen's technology and hardware for SimRacers. After having been testing the handbrake they launched a few days ago, today it's time for a complete pack that has generated a lot of buzz due to its specifications and affordable price.

The MOZA R5 Bundle is an entry-level pack for SimRacers, featuring a 5.5 Nm Direct Drive base, a wheel rim, and pedals. This pack has been on sale for some time and is quite comprehensive for those looking to upgrade from their old wheel to a Direct Drive or even for those wanting to get into SimRacing.

Since its launch, MOZA has aimed to compete by offering the lowest price with integrated Direct Drive technology. This strategy has made the pack one of the best sellers, with many people deciding to invest in an ecosystem that was relatively unknown but continues to grow and expand to this day.

We are going to give you our most sincere opinions on these products: the R5 Base, SR-P Lite Pedals with Clutch and "Performance" Kit, and the ES Wheel.

Packaging and First Impressions

There isn't much to explain about the packaging. It is very well protected, like any product from the brand. The base, wheel, and pedals come in the same box, making it quite heavy, but the space is very well distributed to avoid any damage or issues. On the other hand, the Performance Kit for the brake comes in a separate box, along with the clutch pedal box, which is not included with the SR-P Lite pedals.

First impressions

Once unpacked, the first impressions are that it feels like a quality product. The base is quite heavy with very premium and elegant finishes. Personally, I really like the shape (even though it’s similar to other bases with that square shape), and despite being compact, it feels very sturdy.

The wheel rim, at first glance, has a very good finish, although the buttons seem a bit light and might cause accidental presses. The paddles are not magnetic in this case and have a bit of travel with a fairly light "click."

Lastly, the pedals (along with the included performance kit) feel very good again, with a great sensation and excellent quality.

However, we’ll see if these first impressions hold up in the final review.

MOZA R5 Wheelbase

The base itself, as mentioned, is quite small but heavy, giving the impression of being very compact inside. Everything has a very professional finish and could easily pass for a high-end product. In this case, we have the option to clamp it to a desk (which I don't recommend with a Direct Drive unless it's very sturdy) or to a cockpit, where it will be anchored in this review.

MOZA R5 Base

For mounting to the cockpit, there are four holes on the bottom, and I'm afraid it's not possible to mount it from the front or side; we can only anchor it from the bottom. On the top of the base, there are two tiny holes where you would screw in the screen that is sold separately on the MOZA website, but you could rig up something to attach a custom screen or even a mobile phone.


When we flip it over, we find several different inputs. In the upper left of the image, we see the USB that will go directly to the PC. Next to it, there are the power and power buttons. Finally, in the bottom row, we have the connections for the pedals, screen, gear shifter, handbrake, and the optional Stop button that we can purchase separately.


Once anchored to the cockpit and in its position where it won't move anymore, it's time to attach the wheel using its Quick Release. The brand's QR is wonderful; it's quite rigid and fairly easy to attach and detach. Once the wheel is connected, we should configure the software. The wheel rotation is infinite, but we can set a limit of 1800º through software. There are some predefined profiles depending on the discipline we're going to use, from truck to F1.



But with a default profile, we head to the first simulator used, which in this case has been Assetto Corsa.

Even with some filtering due to the default configuration, the impressions are astounding. It's true that it needs sharper track detail when we're racing, but the kerb and bump impacts are incredibly strong, and despite having the FFB at maximum, it doesn't lose any detail in a long sustained corner. The potential is enormous with proper tuning.

Something I specifically noticed in Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione is a high-speed vibration sound that can be quite unpleasant. What we need to do is assign a 5% filter to make it stop.

Of course, each simulator is different, and each detail is unique, but in none of the most well-known ones have I had any configuration issues or lack of detail. Compatibility, in this case, has been excellent.

One downside I found with this base is its cooling; it heats up quite a bit in long sessions, especially in Codemasters titles (Dirt, F1 23...), so you can end up losing some Force Feedback automatically when the base detects that it's too hot.

ES Wheel

Certainly, the least appealing part of the pack, although I understand perfectly that for this price, one can't expect too much. I'll start with the points I liked the least:

Volante ES Moza Racing


Although the grip is comfortable, when your hands sweat, it becomes very slippery. So much so that, with the force exerted by the base in certain corners, it can slip even with considerable force applied. It's highly recommended to use cycling gloves for extra grip.

Another negative point is the throw of the paddles. If this throw were accompanied by a harder or more noticeable "click," it wouldn't be a problem. But with such a long throw and a weak click, accidental inputs occur, causing missed shifts due to poor contact or even, with gloves on, you might not feel that you've shifted gears. This also applies to the buttons; they are quite weak, and accidental inputs are possible.

Lastly, something that isn't a major issue, but I'm not sure how good it could be in the long run, is the upholstery of the wheel. When we're exerting force in a corner, it feels like a "creak," as if the upholstery has come loose from the inside and with an intention to rotate that becomes unpleasant. Again, it's a sensation that occurs on special occasions, but I wouldn't want it to break or crack in the future due to this issue.

Volante ES Moza Racing


However, not everything about this wheel is bad, of course. The number of buttons is correct, there are plenty, and they are well distributed for almost all the functions you might want, and the size of the wheel, for me, is just right. It's true that it doesn't come with any special rotary or button, but most necessary assignments for competition are there; I didn't miss anything.

Regarding ergonomics, the padding of the wheel is very comfortable, despite the issue I mentioned earlier. It's soft and can be very comfortable in long sessions. Also, the shape for the hands and thumbs is quite comfortable, providing that extra grip (as long as you don't sweat).

The RPM lights give it that extra touch and are fully configurable; you can also adjust the brightness, although they are perfectly visible even with the brightness at minimum.

The two paddles, despite the long throw, are quite large and made of aluminum, allowing us to always have our finger ready to shift up or down.

In conclusion, including the downsides of the wheel, I see it as adequate for an entry-level pack for the price it has.

SR-P Lite Pedals + Performance Kit

The pedals included in the Bundle are throttle and brake unless you purchase the clutch and Performance Kit separately.

The pedals, despite being entirely metallic, without the kit that adds extra resistance, are quite simple, so this review will be more in-depth with the Performance Kit included. *It's worth noting that if you plan to acquire the Performance Kit, you must anchor the pedals to a cockpit or something similar; otherwise, they will move, and you won't be able to brake precisely

Pedales SR-P Lite MOZA

I haven't had any issues with the pedals; they are comfortable, rigid, and calibration has been simple. They are quite precise, and the Performance Kit adds a layer of almost obligatory precision.

This Kit doesn't come with a load cell; it's simply a spring and an elastomer that generates resistance so you can brake more precisely and simulate the resistance that a competition vehicle could have. The assembly is straightforward; you just need to anchor it with a couple of screws on the sides, and then you can use it normally.

The clutch, if purchased separately, has a similar sensation to the throttle because it's essentially a spring exerting resistance.

The pedals can be perfectly used via USB, without needing to plug them into the R5 base, and although you can't buy them separately, they are quite comfortable after a few hours. They are very good pedals for those who want to start in SimRacing, so I haven't found any drawbacks.


In conclusion, I loved this bundle even with the drawbacks I found. Honestly, I think it's a bundle worth considering if you want to make the leap to Direct Drive or if it's going to be your first wheel and you're sure you'll dedicate enough time to it.

The base has plenty of power, and the details are quite clear; you feel things you've never felt with a gear-driven wheel, which allows us to refine our driving and feel which wheels are slipping or what bumps the vehicle is encountering.

The wheel, for me, is the perfect size and very comfortable. Aside from the paddle shifters' issues, I think you could easily stick with this rim as long as the base lasts. Of course, there are modifications available for this rim to customize it for Formula style or rally style, as well as the option to use other rims from the brand on this base.

Finally, the pedals are perfect for achieving good precision in driving, without the need for a load cell or similar device. An elastomer with a spring provides resistance to help us get accustomed to the force we apply.

Furthermore, the MOZA ecosystem is gradually expanding, as they intend to develop new products for all of us.

Here are the purchase links and a brief summary of the review with ratings.

Purchase Links:

Of course, if you have any questions about how it works, feel free to leave them in the comments.

*The links contain affiliate links, for which we receive a small commission for sales. The price for you will be the same.


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