Top 5 mods for Assetto Corsa in 2023

by Adrián
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Assetto Corsa mods 2023

Si por algún motivo [af_link id=»81″]Assetto Corsa[/af_link] aún tiene una media de 12.000 jugadores concurrentes al día, es en gran parte por el gran soporte de «modding» que tiene este simulador, además de su bajo precio tanto en webs de keys como en Steam.

Si eres un jugador nuevo o simplemente, has preferido jugar sin ningún tipo de modificación y crees que ahora es el momento, ahí va una lista de top 5 mods indispensables para [af_link id=»81″]Assetto Corsa[/af_link]

1. Content Manager

Es un mod indispensable para [af_link id=»81″]Assetto Corsa[/af_link], ya que este no puede presumir precisamente de su interfaz y sus menús. Se nota que ya está algo anticuado.

Content Manager solves just that problem, adding a much more intuitive and useful interface.

It allows us to access everything from a single screen, in addition to various features such as installing mods, accessing options, viewing statistics, competing online, and many others. The mod is free, although there is a paid version that expands the functionality.

2. Custom Shaders Patch

Del mismo creador que Content Manager, tenemos un mod que sirve como parche, mejorando gráficos, iluminación, IA, físicas y muchos más detalles que hace evolucionar [af_link id=»81″]Assetto Corsa[/af_link]. Pienso que es una modificación indispensable para cualquier jugador, ya que no empeora para nada la versión del juego y añade muchas funciones que aumentan la inmersión.

If you are a player who plans to install more mods, there will come a point where you will need to install CSP for those mods to work, due to the fact that there are vehicles and mod tracks that use these evolved physics.

You can install this mod directly from Content Manager or from this link: Custom Shaders Patch

3. Sol

Sol is for those people who are passionate about visuals, who, apart from good driving physics and detailed cars, need graphics that are pleasing to the eye to complete the immersion.

Es un mod gráfico que permite ver [af_link id=»81″]Assetto Corsa[/af_link] de forma casi fotorrealista, además de añadir nuevos climas, niebla e incluso lluvia (junto a CSP).

Like Content Manager, there is a free version and a paid version on Patreon. You can get the free one here: Sol 2.2

4. Formula Hybrid 2023

"This is the most advanced car we have ever built, completely built from scratch and a complete departure from last season. Based on the specifications for the Formula 2023 season."

Basically, it is the single-seater for the 2023 season, with the exact characteristics of the real thing.

This mod is a pay-as-you-go mod, as it has a lot of work and almost identical specifications, as well as a driving that simulates reality.

You can get it for approximately 4 € below: RaceSimStudio FH23

5. Shutoko Revival Project

Shutoko Revival Project consists of miles and miles of Japanese roads with a 1:1 scale of these Tokyo roads and admirable detail around these roads. The Japanese neon lights and the lights of the buildings when the night comes to Shutoko, produces an immersion that no other mod can produce.

Although you can pay their Patreon to receive the latest updates, you can get Shutoko Revival Project on their discord: Discord SRP

Estos son los mods más descargados y los que considero más importantes si lo que quieres es un [af_link id=»81″]Assetto Corsa[/af_link] que no tenga nada que ver en cuanto a la versión sin mods, pero manteniendo su esencia.

*The links contain affiliate links, for which we receive a small commission for sales. The price for you will be the same.


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