Cammus C5: The cheapest Direct Drive now available

by Sergio
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cammus c5

The Direct Drive market is booming more and more every day, thanks to the different brands and innovations offered by each one. And, of course, thanks to the wide range of prices. Competition is good for the consumer.

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Cammus website Cammus is a small company that focuses on I + D of cutting-edge automotive technology, focusing on automotive electronics. Furthermore, in addition to automotive electronics, they have their own simracing products, which is the point we are most interested in here.

Cammus C5

This Direct Drive steering wheel is something special, different from what we are used to seeing. If you look at the pictures, it doesn't have any kind of base to which you have to attach a wheel. The wheel is inside the base itself.

cammus c5 2

With a 5 nm force (comparable to a MOZA R5), it becomes the most economical Direct Drive in terms of that force power.


  • 280 mm diameter and 67 mm thick rim
  • 5 Nm force (6-7 Nm peak)
  • 12 programmable buttons
    • 8 in D-Pad shape
    • 3 Rotaries
  • USB to connect it to the PC (not yet known compatibility on console)


As we already mentioned, this Cammus C5 is the most economical you can find in the Direct Drive markets.

For those who also require a pedalboard and not just the base and hoop, Cammus has introduced its first bundle that includes 2 pedals (accelerator and brake).

You can buy this wheel on the official Cammus website or below in the following links:

Enlaces España:

Enlaces Globales

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No doubt, at first glance, it is a great entry-level product for SimRacing drivers.

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