Logitech PRO Racing Wheel: This is Logitech's Direct Drive

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logitech g pro racing wheel

After a resounding success in sales with Logitech's belt and gear-driven wheels, albeit later but still in time, they ventured into Direct Drive technology, which many bases use now, giving birth to the Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel.

You can read the analysis of the Logitech G29 in 2023 here.

We, like Logitech, arrived late to this release, as it was launched in September 2022, making it just over a year old. However, upon closer inspection, it's a significant bet for SimRacing. Let's take a look at its specifications and some details.

Logitech PRO Racing Wheel

As we mentioned earlier, it's a direct drive system, meaning there's no friction of any kind and minimal maintenance. This allows for a significantly longer product lifespan. Moreover, the sensations will be much more realistic, resulting in very low latency in delivering Force Feedback to our hands.

Alongside the 11 Nm of force provided by the Direct Drive base, we can also utilize Trueforce technology, which adds vibration for an extra dose of realism and detail to our driving. The base, in addition to all this technology, includes a small screen beneath the RPM LED patterns.

With Trueforce, you can feel the game's physics, road conditions, and engine vibrations with almost instantaneous precision.


We head to the wheel rim, where our hands will be placed while handling the machine at each moment. It includes magnetic shifters, reducing the travel distance, along with contactless hall sensors, capable of enduring millions of gear shifts.

Just below, we'll access two analog paddles that allow us to configure double clutching, as well as the option to assign them as accelerator and brake. It boasts 12 buttons, two rotary dials, and a four-directional stick. Of course, it includes Quick Release technology to detach the rim from the base, leaving room for potential compatibility with future rims.

That's not all, because although they're not officially included and need to be purchased as a pack, there are Logitech G PRO pedals available.

Logitech PRO Racing Pedals

With a fully customizable position, we have the Logitech PRO Racing Pedals, a pedal set that includes accelerator, clutch, and brake, featuring a 100kg load cell in the brake pedal.

The load cell brake offers superior sensation and consistent performance, thanks to pressure detection that accurately registers the applied braking force.

Each pedal can be horizontally adjusted for individual spacing preferences. The removable pedal modules maximize customization ease.

Buy this Logitech G PRO pack

You can purchase this equipment separately or together. Below are the Amazon links for each one.

See you competing!

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