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Original Fire Games is on a dizzying path towards the release of its new title. Best of all, you can already experience the action with a free demo of Karting Superstars available on Steam.

In this demo, Original Fire Games gives us a preview of what we can expect in their next release. Karting Superstars features a similar graphical approach to its successful first game, Circuit Superstars, but with a fundamental difference: the camera perspective has changed. We can find the chase view instead of the zenithal view we saw in the previous installment, thus making a noticeable difference in the feeling of speed.

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Karting Superstars Features

Although this demo is still under development, we are already pleasantly surprised by its visual aspect. You will have the opportunity to customize the colors and designs of your kart, driver and safety helmet. Then, you will be able to face a time trial in one of the four Centrifuge circuit layouts (Full, Club, Full Reverse and Club Reverse).

What Karting Superstars offers:

  • Karting Superstars offers a tactile physics model that feels accessible while presenting a high skill ceiling for you to explore.
  • Kart and driver customization to look absolutely amazing on the race track.
  • Compete against up to 12 players from around the world in online multiplayer.
  • Practice and record your best times on a variety of tracks in Racing Against Time. Put your name in the global rankings and compete with your friends' ghosts or the best in the world.
  • Compete against a dynamic AI difficulty that can grow with you - the sky's not even the limit!
  • Compete with AI drivers in racing events and tournaments of your own design in Kartcore mode.
  • Compete against global ghosts that let you see how players around the world are tackling each track - you can also learn the best tactics from your friends!
  • Watch your races again, see your epic overtakes or study your racing lines and those of your opponents using replays.
  • Use replay cameras to view your races from different angles and record epic moments to share.

What Karting Superstars does not offer:

  • Split-screen multiplayer.
  • The ability to watch live races.
  • A career mode.
  • Multiple types of karts.
  • Improvements in karting performance.

Among the features already revealed for Karting Superstars are dynamic AI-controlled drivers, online multiplayer for up to 12 players, and the ability to watch replays. However, it's important to note what you won't find in the game: there will be no career mode or options for choosing karts and upgrades. Unfortunately, split-screen multiplayer mode has also been left out, which is a shame, as it would be perfect for competing with friends in local two-player races.

You can download the free demo of Karting Superstars right now on Steam. Also, don't forget to add the game to your wishlist to stay updated on the latest news, updates, and more about Karting Superstars.

Get ready for speed in this world of karting!

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