Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race: New Direct Drive in the Market

The legendary hardware brand is betting on SimRacing.

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Turtle Beach Velocity One Race

Thanks to the expansion and increasing recognition of sim racing, we have many more brands betting on virtual simulation.

Turtle Beach is a gaming peripherals brand, known for products such as headphones, controllers, microphones, and now, simulation. This Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race promises some surprising features rarely seen in a brand that has never manufactured steering wheels before. Undoubtedly, it could be a contender for the best cheap Direct Drive wheels.

We'll now tell you what this pack contains.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Race

This new bundle, set to be released in a month, includes the base and rim, a pedal set with 3 pedals and a load cell brake, and a small button box.

Base and wheel

Take your realism to a new level with the Turtle Beach® VelocityOne™ Race wheel and pedal system, designed to deliver a high-fidelity racing simulation experience on Xbox consoles and Windows PC. The K: Drive™ Force Feedback motor provides ultra-realistic force, and the Dynamic Brake Tek™ load cell brakes deliver fully realistic braking.

This new wheel, as you've read, contains a Direct Drive motor. Although the force rating is not specified yet, we do know that the brand K-Drive manufactures electric motors.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Direct Drive

Surrounded by a casing that protects the motor, reminiscent of other gear and belt-driven wheels, we have a small included display where it seems we'll be able to configure the wheel directly from that screen.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Display

Advanced digital dashboard to view race telemetry in real-time and complete customization and integration with popular racing titles* to immerse yourself fully in the race and enhance performance. Adjust all aspects of your driving experience with 10 built-in memory profiles, including Force Feedback response, control mapping, and much more. Live data received from compatible racing titles is displayed in real-time on authentic-based dashboards.

We don't know about compatibility with other external programs, such as SimHub, that can modify or display information on the screen to our liking. Although the information provided to us according to the video is quite comprehensive.

The rim is D-shaped and contains around 20 buttons. We have 4 rotary knobs and two analog paddles, in addition to the gear shifters. The buttons are backlit, allowing us to configure them to any color we desire.


The pedal plates are adjustable to our favorite position. Additionally, we can disable the clutch pedal if we don't want to use it.

The Dynamic Brake Tek™ load cell braking system is designed to perform under pressure. Braking is measured by the force with which you press the pedal, not by the distance the pedal travels. So, just like in a real car, if you press the brake pedal with more force, the braking will be more abrupt and sudden. Additionally, the Dynamic Brake Tek™ is easy to adjust directly from the RMD or Tuner control app.

Turtle Beach VelocityOne Pedales

VelocityOne Control Unit

The detachable VelocityOne™ Control Unit™ (VCU) allows easy access to critical car systems and configuration settings. Inspired by real controls, the VCU includes 6 buttons, 5 toggle switches with latch, and 3 rotary dials to adjust brake mapping, car lights, Force Feedback intensity, and much more. Additionally, a modular design with USB-C connection allows mounting the control unit on both sides of the wheel or integrating it separately into your cockpit.

VelocityOne™ Race Control Unit

Where to buy?

Although you can currently only pre-order it, this product will be available for sale on February 26, 2024. You can purchase it for a price of €699.99.

We hope to bring you a review and share our experiences with this product.

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