Logitech G29 en 2024 ¿Vale la pena comprarlo? Análisis y opiniones

by Adrián
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Logitech G29

You've probably seen someone you know try to get their head into the world of SimRacing, even long before you knew there was a little world called SimRacing.

The first device par excellence that comes up every time you search for something as simple in the browser as "buy cheap console steering wheel" you will get the brand name Logitech with its G29 (o sus variantes G923/G920, que, al fin y al cabo, viene siendo lo mismo). Pero, Is this device worth it in 2023, is it still compatible with all simulators?, and other doubts that arise over time.

Let's answer these questions.


If we want a good product, that stands out from any other and that, finally, makes it the one we want at home, we will need good features. The steering wheel Logitech G29 has a total of 900º of rotation from lock to lock composed of gears, a Force feedback with two motors and overheating protection.

This sounds great, because precisely, this device boasts in being durable with its anodized aluminum spokes, hand-stitched leather rim covering, a steel drive shaft, burnished stainless steel cams and more features that you can find on their website.

As for its pedals, they are nothing to write home about., although they have a good feel and come in three. The brake pedal is non-linear, which, personally, is a feeling I like better on any brake pedal.

The version Logitech G923 es exactamente igual than this one, only the technology changes TrueForce (adds a vibration to the steering wheel to try to accompany the force feedback and feel "more immersive")

Logitech G923

Without a doubt, you can tell that the Logitech G29 está hecho para durar. Says the one who has been using it for 6 years with normal use and without any problem.


What makes most people opt for this device (including me at the time), is its price. It is economical considering that it has 900º of rotation, Force Feedback, pedalboard with 3 pedals, and you can even add an H-gear for about €40 more approximately.

You can find this product in online stores at around 250 €, you can find it for ~€200 when it is discounted, then, for what it offers, it can be a good choice.


As far as I understand, having set a precedent in terms of simulation hardware, this device is compatible with the vast majority of simulators. I doubt very much that there is any simulator of this century, which is not compatible with this steering wheel. And that, without a doubt, is a necessity.

Conclusion, is it worth it?

My most sincere opinion, if you are going to be a casual player, who does not want to compete in multiplayer championships or who does not want to spend all his time competing, I recommend it 100%. Si es cierto que hay marcas que ofrecen algo mejor o más características por un precio parecido, pero, hasta donde tengo entendido, les falla la durabilidad. Como puede ser el caso del Thrustmaster T248.

If on the other hand, , you want to dedicate yourself to this and you want to scale up gradually and use all your free time in this hobby we share, I cannot recommend it and only for one reason: Direct Drive.

There are people who think that a Direct Drive is just a cheap thing, that you don't need to spend so much to play with virtual cars. And no, you don't really need to spend that much, because a Direct Drive is not that expensive. But for a slightly higher price you get much more sensations and almost infinite durability.

From experience, (assuming you want to devote a lot of your time to this) I would recommend a Direct Drive and skip the step of a geared or hybrid system.

Tienes disponible el nuevo Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel, el Direct Drive de Logitech.

  • If you finally decide to buy it, you can get one here: Logitech G29

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