Black Friday arrives at MOZA Racing

Take advantage of discounts up to $140!

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MOZA Racing Black friday 2023

As you already know, and we've written here with the Black Friday in iRacing, for example, we're in the last week of November, celebrating the biggest sales week worldwide. Naturally, us SimRacers also get to join in and benefit from this.

Today, we'll leave you a list of incredible discounts that the brand MOZA Racing has prepared for all of us. It's a great time to upgrade our equipment!

These discounts will be available from November 24th to November 30th, 2023.


MOZA R5 Bundle

Experience the next level of racing with the MOZA R5 Bundle. With its impressive 5.5 Nm torque direct drive, customizable driving modes, and robust aluminum, leather, and steel construction, it’s designed to provide unparalleled immersion and durability.

DD Wheelbases


The MOZA R9 is the wheelbase for the racers that want to take it seriously. This cutting-edge product offers 9 Nm of torque from a direct-drive servo motor, ensuring unparalleled performance. Crafted with aviation-grade aluminum alloy, it combines minimum weight with maximum torque.


Introducing the MOZA R12 sim racing wheelbase, the latest addition to our collection. With well-balanced specs, it offers a remarkable combination of power and performance. Experience the impressive 12 N·m of torque delivered by the direct drive servo motor, ensuring a dynamic racing experience.


The MOZA R16 sim racing wheelbase is a formidable powerhouse that combines performance and style. With a peak torque of 16 Nm, it delivers impressive force feedback for an immersive racing experience. The all-aluminum alloy body and a sleek supercar-inspired design ensure great reliability without compromising on style.


Discover the pinnacle of our sim racing wheelbases collection, the MOZA R21. With a remarkable peak torque of 21 Nm, it sports a 30% larger torque output than other similar models, it delivers unparalleled force feedback for a truly immersive racing experience.

Steering Wheels

CS Steering Wheel

Unleash your full potential on the track with the CS steering wheel and bring your racing experience to the next level. Guaranteed durability and a sleek aesthetic thanks to its aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame. Customized Quick Release for easy installation and removal. Featuring Carbon Fiber photoelectric shifter paddles for precise and responsive gear changes.

RS V2 Steering Wheel

Upgrade your sim racing setup with the RS sim racing steering wheel. This GT wheel offers compatibility with all MOZA wheelbases, seamlessly integrating for an optimized racing experience. Constructed using a combination of forged carbon fiber and aluminum, it ensures both resilience and elegance.


Dominate the track with UNICORN9, the ultimate sim racing steering wheel. Experience luxury and comfort by opting between its Alcantara and Microfiber Leather construction. The stylish forged carbon fiber case ensures sturdiness without sacrificing aesthetics.

FSR Formula Steering Wheel

The pinnacle of our sim racing steering wheels collection, the MOZA FSR sets the bar for excellence. Immerse yourself in unparalleled luxury with perforated leather grips for ultimate comfort and grip.


CRP Pedals

Master your speed like a pro with the MOZA CRP Pedals. Featuring a 3-stage clutch for superior control. The CNC aluminum pedal assembly ensures sturdiness and reliability. Adjust the angle to suit your preference and optimize your performance. With its high-precision pressure sensor, every input is accurately detected.

At the moment, those are all the discounts available on the MOZA Racing website. You can find the products with the discount already applied at each link.

See you on the track!

*The links contain affiliate links, for which we receive a small commission for sales. The price for you will be the same.


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